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Our Services and Techniques

Holistic Wellness for over 15 Years

Dr. Churchill uses various techniques like Activator Methods®, Diversified, Thompson and Toggle Board. By pulling information from all of the different disciplines of study that she has completed, she can help different people in your family through intuitive and educational skills. Her personalized chiropractic sessions are truly built around the shared goals and long-term strategies established between herself and each patient.

Ensuring Patient Comfort

Halifax Chiropractic techniques and services

We care about your comfort

You will always be in absolute control of your treatment and the treatment planning process. If something ever makes you feel uncomfortable, just let us know. Dr. Churchill uses many tools and methods to help bring comfort, without initiating any anxiety.

We provide you with the information that you deserve to make educated decisions about your own care, so that you can still have access to the therapy that you deserve.


After graduating from chiropractic school, Dr. Churchill studied acupuncture in China for an entire month. Although she does not implement needling in our office, she uses the same methodology through acupressure for similar stimulation and release of pressure points throughout the body. These services are integrated into our chiropractic visits.

Nutritional Counseling

Every physical condition has a mental and nutritional component. Our office facilitates individual sessions with Julia Rosborough, a licensed nutritionist, to help you address specific concerns such as diabetes, cholesterol, obesity or overall wellness. Most nutritional counseling services start with a one-hour, in-depth assessment with our in-house nutritionist. Inquire about the various supplements we carry. You can learn more about Julia and her services at her website,

Discover how our various services and techniques can get you on the road to total wellness! Contact us today to get started.

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