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Lifestyle Coaching for Halifax

Oxford Chiropractic Inc Offers Mind-and-body Healing

Sometimes we find that chiropractic care leads our patients to a different level of healing — a transformation of both their body and their mind. If you notice mood changes, memories or emotions that arise following your chiropractic care, it could be related to trauma or stress that is connected to your body. We can help you facilitate the release of stress through chiropractic care, bringing your physical health into the right balance.

Facilitating Mind-body Wellness

Halifax Lifestyle coaching

Reducing stressors through lifestyle coaching

As an innovator in health and wellness, Dr. Churchill has seen how working on the physical dimensions of the body allow the stressors of brain chemicals to impact her patients’ bodies’ ability to heal themselves. In getting to the root of these stressors, the body can fully heal

Without going back and addressing the cause of the stress, it’s not possible to proceed to the next level of health. That’s why Oxford Chiropractic Inc is here to assist you in processing information and looking at it from a new perspective, bringing your life into balance.

Chemical Changes That Impact Health

Coaching you through this additional layer of healing can improve your response to holistic and therapeutic chiropractic care, allowing you to see a greater impact from your sessions at our Halifax office. Reducing the stressors from your past, present and future can help you live more comfortably and eliminate chemicals within your body that prevent complete wellness.

Control Your Mind and Change Your Body

If you want to learn more about our lifestyle coaching as it relates to your chiropractic sessions, please contact us or discuss your concerns with Dr. Churchill during your next session at our office.

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