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Meet Dr. Dena Churchill

Seeing Firsthand the Effects of Chiropractic

Halifax Chiropractor Dr. Dena Churchill

Dr. Dena Churchill

As her mother saw a chiropractor for a transitional vertebrae years ago, Dr. Churchill observed the wellness her mother finally achieved through chiropractic care. “When traditional medical methods weren’t working, Chiropractic did.” So she and her siblings started seeing a chiropractor for wellness care as kids. Dr. Dena realized her calling was to help people with chiropractic. “I was working with the wisdom of the body, facilitating greater health.”

A Pioneer in Chiropractic

After graduating from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1996, Dr. Churchill became the only female chiropractor in Halifax central for several years, pioneering pediatric therapies. Most of her patients are women and children. Her youngest patient was a three-hour-old baby and her most mature patient is 93! She has helped many women in labor and has even been called out to the delivery room to help with challenging births.

In college, Dr. Churchill worked with special needs patients who were nonverbal. Through mind-body wellness techniques she was able to see a significant improvement in these patients. This form of care is now the philosophical basis of the Oxford Chiropractic Inc practice.

As a chiropractor, seeing how she can help her patients facilitate their own bodies to heal themselves is her biggest reward. Her patients who truly wish to create a partnership toward their health typically see the best results.

As a speaker, I am a voice.
As a healer, I am an intuitive heart and hand.

Outside of the Office

Dr. Churchill serves on chiropractic regulatory boards that protect the public and oversee regulatory requirements of all Nova Scotia chiropractors. When she isn’t caring for patients, Dr. Churchill enjoys taking yoga and doing workshops on yoga-based exercise models. Her family loves the thrill of the great outdoors, from white-water rafting to rock climbing. She is also quite the fan of Latin dancing!

Dr. Dena Churchill is an international speaker, author, and innovator of women’s empowerment in health and wellness. Her mission is to help working mothers keep themselves and their families healthy, their work inspired, and their feminine powerful. She is the author of the book entitled, Divinity in Divorce and Co-author of Pearls of Wisdom; Pure and Powerful and the Amazon best-seller: The Thought That Changed Your Life Forever. Dena is published in international magazines and loves networking with women’s groups all over the world.

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